Peck Sounds

by Peck

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In the spirit of our modern, hyper-connected age and due to the waning attention-spans of all, this album will be released as singles over the course of the next year. An exciting, new Peck Sounds single will be released at the moment of completion. This content is free for all, however I ask that you please enjoy responsibly and tell your friends in real life and on the internet.


released January 1, 2015

Produced by Chris Peck and The Rotating Cast of Incredible Talent
Mixed by Chris Peck
Mastered by Larry Lachmann



all rights reserved


Peck Brooklyn, New York

Peck Sounds is the very true story of Brooklyn singer/songwriter and engineer/producer Chris Peck. Themes and motifs include (but are not limited to): self-deprecation, studio recording, live performance, sarcastic wordplay, and social critique. @iamchrispeck for social media. ... more

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Track Name: ...And We Laughed_1013
maybe i'll be
receiving awards
one then another
then another

our better angels
are lying on the floor
they were begging
for attention

and we laughed

maybe on day i'll be
wealthy as hell
i've been dying
for a butler

we dream of greatness
like there ain't nothing else
only worship
you're a genius

and we laugh

and all around us
and all around us
the choices just get worst and perverse
and all around us
and all around us
the children run in circles and and burst
out in tears
but their parents can't be bothered with it here

so we laugh
Track Name: The Lost Art of Idle/Entitled_1113
it ain't where we're going
it ain't where we been
its how we been moving and fooling
ourselves into thinking we're winning

we wax in clever tones
we sparkle and fade
the lost art of idle, entitled
and experts at getting our way

you know that its true

we've seen it before
but we don't understand
in love with what's old and what’s retro
with nothing but phones in our hands

yet we ooze connectivity
it grows in our bones
but now you got no one who knows you
but everyone loves what you post

you've got it all wrong

you know that its true
that everyone you hate looks just like you
from water to land
from land to this place that we don't understand
Track Name: Permanent/Impermanent_1213
when you leave
this circus you
lose a piece
like its on purpose
when you're gone
they pick up and
just move along
like there ain't nothing to see

there's nothing
nothing to see here
there's nothing
nothing to see here
i'm invisible invisible

it was late
like the morning
we were living in some other state
we were pouring ourselves into
gigantic glasses of wine in love with our speech
and the ladies passing in cars were cheering us on
like we had something to see

we're monuments to pettiness
we're carrying our crosses all with
some wonderful insanities
we are permanent
Track Name: The Family/Fuse_0114
leave the fifth on the island and then
a little malady
light the fuse

so now apparently i'm driving north again
past the saw mill, the lake and the gas station
in a daze then the first drop of rain that
descends into venom like a curse in our veins

from here in our room i can see
the backyard
and the day, when she asked you to leave

there's must be a moment when
the scores start to settle and
we agree that we’re all bound to share
a life in a house that’s too broke to repair

so now apparently i’m filled with hatred and
it belongs to a place in the basement where
i’m to blame for what happened that day so i
hold this drink like its a toast to my name

and all that we wanted to see
is the look on your face
when you admit your mistakes
all that we wanted to see
was a moment of shame
might have made it ok

from here in our room i can see
the backyard
and the day, when you ask me to leave
Track Name: Arrive/Leave Repeat feat. Michelle Tuinstra
there was a time
when i was armed to the teeth
when i was sure that no one could ever get near me

then there she was
like a vision
naked like a criminal
like a great blue first place image and finally
like a trophy

its here i know
but I’m losing it
why would i be doing this?
and as they walk away
i can tell that they're
talking ever softly

there you go again
there you go yet again
tripping tripping tripping
forgetting again how they always leave in the end

i was never here
come and find me
seek until you finally
place your finger on the potion
that i'm holding my hands
in this tin can

and stay there